Replica Sunglasses Not Only Fashion Accessories


also the patron saint of the eyes under the hot sun. Great variety of Replica Sunglasses election which can provide comprehensive protection to the eyes of the market?…..

Why wear Sunglasses?

Sunglasses One of the major role is to filter ultraviolet rays. Excessive sun ultraviolet (UV) exposure can cause cataracts, pterygium, eyelid skin cancer and other diseases electric ophthalmia. Even wearing a wide-brimmed hat, also can stop 50 percent of ultraviolet rays to reach the eye, it also needs to be filtered to wear Sunglasses.replica Sunglasses short wavelength blue light, the researchers found that long-term exposure to UV light and short-wavelength blue light is the cause Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) the risk factors.

Visual comfort is also an important reason for wearing a Sunglasses. Glare of the sun make eye discomfort, affect the clarity of vision, people will squinting, tearing. Sunglasses wearing comfort will be greatly increased. In addition, the Sunglasses can also enhance dark adaptation. If you do not wear Sunglasses, in bright sunlight to be 2 to 3 hours after, people on a dark environment (for example, a tunnel) adaptation will be reduced, in the car which will bring security risk.

The basic eligibility requirements for Sunglasses

Can effectively protect the eyes of the Sunglasses requirements can block 99 to 100 percent of UVA and UVB, filter 75 to 90 percent of visible light. Some low-quality UV filter mark on replica Sunglasses and can not be trusted, so it is best to go to the formal channels to buy, or select UV filter lens can detect performance shop. To ensure that Sunglasses can filter enough visible light, can be tried in front of a mirror. If it is easy to see their eyes in the mirror through the lens, it shows that this piece of Sunglasses color dark enough (Note: This method does not apply to photochromic lenses).

Flat Sunglasses to ensure that does not cause visual distortion, distortion, or when wearing it will cause dizziness and discomfort. To ensure that the lens does not produce visual distortions, hold a replica Sunglasses arms straight, right angle through the lens to observe distant or linear (eg door, window). Slowly moving up and down the frame, if we find twisted, crooked, bent, it means that the lens has an optical defect, it failed.

Lens color should be uniform, a region not suddenly darkened. If the gradient lenses, lens color should gradually faded from the top down. Sunglasses wearing while driving should be gray (gray, smoke gray or gray-green), this will ensure that discrimination does not affect the color of traffic lights.

Sunglasses weight should be evenly distributed across the nose and ears. Carefully adjust the curvature of the frame and nose pads, and ensure that the frame does not clip the nose, the ears will not wear. When worn, it should be out of reach eyelashes frame.

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