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   Construction Process

You're involved from the start.  We're involved beyond the finish.

As a trusted homebuilder, we have developed and refined a multi-step customer care process to ensure that owners like you are involved at every critical stage of construction.  It's a chance for you to see the quality materials and disciplined approach to construction that go into the creation of your new home.  It's also a chance for you to enjoy the rare and thrilling experience of watching what was once just an idea, a notion, a dream, take shape.

But the process doesn't stop with construction.  It goes well beyond the time that you move into your new home to make sure that living in your home is more delightful than you'd imagined.



 #1  Purchase Agreement
By this time, you have completed the proposal process and decided on your home site, floor plan, structural options and additional amenities for your new home. Please take time to review the pertinent documents that we have developed and included in your purchase agreement. These will help you understand our commitment to you before, during and after the construction process.

 #2  Pre-Construction Activities
Now that you have signed the purchase agreement documents, several tasks need to be completed prior to the start of construction. Some of these are our job; some are yours. Many decisions and meetings will be made before construction, and this takes approximately 50 days. These include: construction drawings, construction financing and home site purchase (if applicable), purchase orders and permitting. Your Community Sales Manager will keep you updated on the status of your home’s start schedule.

 #3  Pre-Construction Meeting
You will have the opportunity to meet with your Construction Manager three times during the construction process. The first meeting is your pre-construction meeting, which will take place approximately 21 days from the beginning of the start process. This meeting typically lasts 2 hours and covers a lengthy agenda that will provide you with the protocols of the construction process. There will also be a review of the specifics of your new home.

 #4  Design Meeting
Part of the fun of buying a new home is selecting features, finish materials and colors. To make your selections, we provide you with four hours of professional consultation at the Mashburn Faires Design Center. Our Design Coordinator will assist you in achieving a design that considers your present and future lifestyle, family activities and traditions, as well as your entertaining style. Your design appointment will take place 28 days from the beginning of the start process.

 #5  Change Request Deadline
By now you have had your pre-construction meeting and design appointment. Approximately 42 days have passed since your home began the start process. The schedule has been developed so you have your meetings prior to this deadline, which gives you the opportunity to make changes before construction drawings and purchase orders are finalized and the materials have been ordered. All Change Requests prior to this deadline do not include an administrative fee.

 #6  Release/Start Construction
Approximately 50 days have passed and you are ready to see some action!! Now that all the selections have been made, final Change Requests have been processed, permits, purchase orders and construction drawings have been finalized, we are able to release your home to your Construction Manager to begin construction. Depending on weather and the construction schedule, your new home will be started a few days from now!

 #7  Pre-Drywall Meeting
This is the second meeting with your Construction Manager, and it will take place at your new home. As with the pre-construction meeting, your pre-drywall meeting is scheduled by your Community Sales Manager. It will typically last 30 minutes. The rooms have begun to take shape but the inner workings are still visible so you can see the quality that goes inside of the walls of your home. This meeting will also give you the opportunity to review the changes included in your contract and approved change requests.

 #8  Lighting Selections
You will receive your lighting selections packet at the pre-construction meeting. It is very important that you make these selections at the designated time to avoid any delays in the construction process when your lighting is scheduled for delivery. Please ask your Community Sales Manager any questions you have about this process.

 #9  60 Day Lock Release
Congratulations! We are pleased to announce that the construction of your new home has now reached a stage where factors outside of our control can no longer affect the delivery date. Please make sure to receive your signed rate lock approval form from your Community Sales Manager prior to locking your interest rate.

 #10  Final Orientation
The final orientation with your Construction Manager is an introduction to your new home and its many features. This meeting typically takes two hours as we follow a preplanned agenda and a set route through the home to assure we cover everything. Our home orientation provides you with a demonstration of your new home, review of key points about maintenance and limited warranty coverage and confirmation that we have installed selections and options as you ordered them.

 #11  Customer Sign Off
Just one more final check before closing. This quick meeting will take place prior to closing to confirm that all items are 100% complete and your home is ready for delivery. We pride ourselves on delivering your home to you with no outstanding items to complete after closing.

 #12  Closing
Congratulations on your new home!! The ultimate purpose of your purchase agreement is achieved, and ownership of your new home is transferred from us to you. Approximately four weeks after closing, you will receive a satisfaction survey from GuildQuality Surveys. Please take a few minutes to answer 15 questions about your homebuilding experience with Mashburn Faires Homes.


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