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Shane Mashburn and Darren Faires are native to Oklahoma and have been friends since childhood. They decided to create Mashburn Faires Homes after gaining a great deal of personal experience and success individually. Their goal was to combine their different experiences to create and innovative company that offers impeccably well-built homes and a uniquely enjoyable experience for their home owners.

Shane Mashburn’s family has a rich, 40 year tradition in the Oklahoma City homebuilding industry. Shane graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 1993 with a degree in Construction Science. He quickly began his career with a top, national homebuilding company in Texas where he gained experience through many different positions, including service manager, builder, production manager and project manager. Shane currently sits on the board of the Central Oklahoma Homebuilders Association and the Southwest Oklahoma Homebuilders Association.

Darren Faires graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma in 1993 with a degree in Business Management. Shortly after graduation, he started his own successful homebuilding company. He has been elected president of both the Southwest Homebuilders Association as well as the Central Oklahoma Homebuilders Association. Darren continues to be an active member of both boards where he serves on each as a lifetime director.

Combined, they have over 30 years of home building experience, and they have helped over 1000 families enjoy the benefits of new home ownership.  

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